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3SBio will always be committed to guiding and
leading each employee to the career success

Work with us

We create opportunities for employees’ creation and development capabilities.
We are willing to work with you to face the problems in growth and development and work together to resolve the difficulties, including not only you but also your family members.

Communication and care

3SBio’s subsidiaries and production bases are all staffed by trade unions and workers’ congresses;

In order to enrich the leisure life of employees, we provide employees with a comfortable working environment to reach a balance between work and life;

Taking employees’ needs as a starting point, we actively organize various activities, revitalize cultural life, and jointly promote corporate culture.

>Family Day for staff

>Summer camp for the children of the staff

>FestivaI activity

>Annual meeting

Compensation and Benefit

3SBio Group has formulated an overall remuneration and welfare strategy to provide employees with competitive remuneration and benefits. It regularly participates in the pay and benefits research in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries, and provides a market reference for wage adjustments to maintain the competitiveness of wages.

>Five social insurance and one housing fund

>Paid annual leave

>Staff travel, team building

>Holiday gifts, birthday gifts, etc.

>Love Mummy Cottage

>Sports clubs: badminton, football, basketball, table tennis, photography, etc...