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3SBio will always be committed to guiding and
leading each employee to the career success

The tradition of 3SBio Group is to attach importance to talent training.

The values of 3SBio Group are: Innovation, excellence, focus, persistence, collaboration and sharing.

At 3SBio, “Everyone is a valuable and respected leader” is the expectation of the company for employees. “Developing talents” must not only develop themselves, but also make others successful.

“Training” is a top priority

At 3SBio, we encourage employees to combine personal development with performance management and tailor development plans for each employee’s different career development needs. We help employees to grow through self-learning, on-the-job training, online learning, training sessions, and outward-bound training, etc.

Our training content include the following aspects:

New employee training

Provide information and skills needed for new employees, so that employees are familiar with the corporate environment in the shortest possible time.

Professional training

Provide professional skills training for employees’ positions.

Leadership training

Provide employees with skills training on how to manage and lead others so that employees can influence others and lead others to achieve team goals.

MBA course training

Assist employees in continuous growth and development

Compliance training:

Provides more detailed compliance guidance for daily behavior of employees

Online Learning Class:

Cloud School, Han Lin Academy: Use online high-quality learning resources, dynamically share rich online learning materials such as management and psychology, and actively encourage and support employee self-learning, so that employees can effectively learn at all times.

Other related courses:

According to the employee needs, provide employees with learning and training opportunities, so that employees can carry out individual training in full accordance with their own career development ideas