3SBio Inc. has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Lilly China (and its affiliate), pursuant to which, 3SBio has been granted the exclusive right of distribution and promotion of Humulin 優泌林 ® , an insulin product of Lilly, in China from July 1, 2017. Pursuant to the agreement, leveraging on its nationwide sales network and its existing metabolism products segment resources, 3SBio will establish a marketing and promotion team which will cover a wide array of diabetes products (including Humulin 優泌林 ® ).

Lilly China will be responsible for the production and supply of the Humulin 優泌林 ® products produced in accordance with its global quality standards. Currently, both parties are cooperating closely to ensure a smooth transition. Humulin 優泌林 ® , formulated in 1982, was the first bio-synthetic insulin product in the world and was also the first medical product for human produced by recombinant DNA techniques. Since its launch in China in 1997, Humulin 優泌林 ® has in aggregate served millions of Chinese diabetic patients.