Other Name: LMWH-Ca

Sparin is an injectable low-molecular-weight heparin calcium (“LMWH-Ca”) product manufactured and marketed by Sciprogen, which we acquired in December 2014.

Heparin is the most widely used anticoagulant. LMWH-Ca is derived from depolymerization of standard heparin. Compared to standard heparin, LMWH-Ca has the advantages of lower side effects and more predictable anticoagulant response.

Sparin was launched in 2006. Sparin has been approved by the CFDA for two indications: (1) prophylaxis and treatment of deep vein thrombosis and (2) prevention of clotting during hemodialysis. Sparin is included in the National Medical Insurance Catalogue as a Category B drug and in the National Essential Drug List 《(國家基本藥物目錄》).

Sparin is manufactured at our Shenzhen production facilities. Sparin is offered in two dosages: 1 ml: 5,000 AXa and 0.5 ml: 5,000 AXa.