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ITP Home - Home for Patients with Disease of Platelet — a funding platform construction program for improving the communication between patients and doctors

ITP Home - Home for Patients with Disease of Platelet — a funding platform construction program for improving the communication between patients and doctors

In 2005, the first patient QQ group was established spontaneously by patients with thrombocytopenia, while sharing their experiences in the group and helping each other. So far, more than 80 QQ groups of patients have gradually been established and now are now uniformly managed by ITP Home Website, while dividing into patients group, group for patients with spleen-cutting, children’s parents group, maternity group, local groups available for all provinces, management group and other group.

In order to more effectively share pathological knowledge and exchanging information among patients, a website for mutual assistance among patients, ITP Home - home for patients with disease of platelet (www.itphome.org), was created in 2011 by adult patient Meng Tongfei, with the assistance of other patients and their family member. Website content covers: general knowledge on disease, case notes, pathogenetic condition exchange, experience sharing, experts answer, mutual aid among patients, medical information, health cultivation and rehabilitation , daily care and so on.

After years of effort, ITP Home has summarized a large amount of clinical experience and won the trust and support from patients, while having nearly 100,000 patients and family member; a volunteer team of over 100 people has been established, and many patients and their family members have joined the volunteer team; and the team members come from all walks of life, for example, university professors, enterprise managers, private enterprises executives, senior translators and college students. And the editorial department, technical department, rescue group, patient education department, external contact department (domestic and foreign experts and associations), local management center and other institutions have been established. At the same time, the Website opened an APP (blood platelet home) and created an WeChat official account platform (ITP Home - home for patients with disease of blood platelet) for publishing general knowledge on ITP disease, nursing knowledge, expert lectures vedio and other content, while regularly publishing information about ITP Home at given time.

ITP Home has now built the nation’s largest database of ITP patients,and it has been able to help patients from many aspects and improve medical communication, while providing the basis and data support for clinical research and legislative policy. In addition to the experience exchange between patients, on-line answer from professional doctor is freely provided; with the help of the community, a number of on-line and on-site Q & A activities have been held, while inviting multiple authoritative expert to participate in it.

On September 27, 2016, 3SBio reached a strategic cooperation agreement with ITP Home website. Its purpose is to care for patients with platelet-related diseases, actively promote the balanced collection and rational infusion of blood platelet and scientifically response to infusion related risks and other issues through joint effort of social force and medical and health professionals. On March 19, 2017, “2017 The Second China Platelet Day Event, hosted by ITP Home - home for patients with disease of platelet and supported by Beijing Bethune Charitable Foundation, was held in Beijing for two days. 3SBio won “Caring Enterprise” certificate in 2017 The Second China Platelet Day Event.