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Held Benefit + Hope Bethune ● YISAIPU Public Welfare Donation Program with Bethune Foundation

Held Benefit + Hope Bethune ● YISAIPU Public Welfare Donation Program with Bethune Foundation

On November 27, 2015,Bethune Charitable Foundation and 3SBio lanuched “Benefit + Hope - Bethune•YISAIPU; Public Welfare Donation Program” for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis in Beijing, and this was the first public welfare donation program held with Biologics Corporation and Foundation in China, with an aim to relieve the economic burden of patients, improve the quality of life and to help patients get better treatment.

Rheumatoid arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis belong to rheumatic disease seriously harmful to health, with an ability to cause joint deformity, dysfunction and even disability; there are about 10 million patients, and their life and work are seriously affected. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease and its cause is complex, with high incidence rate,difficult treatment, easy relapse and other harm; the incidence rate of psoriasis in China is 0.47%, and the number of cases is up to 7 million. The life quality of patients is seriously affected by psoriasis due to skin damage, intolerable itching, repeated attack and its other characteristics, thus leading to tremendous physical and mental pain and economic burden on patients. Over recent decades, the application of biologics, a great medical breakthrough in this field, has made patients available to better efficacy, however, only about 10% patients can use such drugs at present due to price.

In order to inherit and carry forward the great spirit of Bethune, to help patients adhere to the scientifically lasting treatment and to reduce the pain of the disease and the economic burden, Beijing Bethune Charitable Foundation and 3SBio co-sponsored the establishment of “Benefit + Hope - Bethune•YISAIPU; Public Welfare Donation Program”. 3SBio donates prescription drug product YISAIPU; developed by itself to Beijing Bethune Charitable Foundation, and Beijing Bethune Charitable Foundation is responsible for setting up “program Office” in charge of implementation management of the program. According to professional medical diagnosis made by volunteer doctors of the program and public welfare donation process, donated drugs are given out to patients qualified for medical and economic conditions of the program, thus making them access to more lasting and effective medical condition. In order to facilitate the majority of patients to know the program information such as coverage area, hospitals and application methods, the following consultation means are opened for the program: www.4008208725.com、WeChat platform: Yiyoutong,and Free Hotline: 4008208725.